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Adopteer Olive   


Sexe: ♀  

Leeftijd: 3-5 years old

Ras: Spaniel mix

Formaat: +/- 50 cm


Bijzonderheden: Geen bijzonderheden

Verblijf: Saved souls Foundation in Khon Kaen Thailand

Meet the lovely Olive! This lovely lady is a Spaniel cross and around 3-5 years old. She’s an absolute sweetie 💕 She loves to go out for a walk and explore her surroundings, but spends most of her days sitting in her run being ignored, day in day out. She really doesn’t belong in a rescue centre with 600 other dogs. We are determined to get her out of there and into a home. She’s currently residing at Saved Souls Foundation in Khon Kaen and will come fully vaccinated and sterilised and will fly to Europe in Sept / Oct time. There is a sponsor who will contribute towards some of the costs to get her to Holland/UK or some were else in Europe. It would be the most wonderful thing if we could get her into a forever home 💕 Please email for more details. adoption@savedsouls-foundation.org